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Ass: badonkadonk, behind, booty, bottom, bum, butt, cheeks, derriere, duff, dump truck, fanny (US), junk in the trunk, patooty, rear, rump, seat, trunk

Asshole: asshat, asswipe, bastard, butthole, dick, dickhead, jerk, prick

Damn/Goddamn: confound it, cotton pickin, crimeny, crikey, cripes, dad blame it, dad blast it, dad burnit, dad gummit, dag, dag nabbit, dang, darn, darnit, dern, dernit, doggonnit, drat, gadzooks, gee, gee willickers, geez, gosh, gosh darn, jeepers, phooey, rats, sheesh, shoot, shucks, shucky darn

Fuck/MF/WTF: bleed, eff, effin, feck, flippin, frack, frick, frigging, mothereffer, motherflipper, stinking, what the devil, what the piss, what in tarnation, what the what,

Hell: heck, h-e-double-hockey-sticks, what the hey

Jesus Christ/by God: by Jove, cheese and rice, geeze Louise, jiminy Christmas, jiminy cricket, jeepers

Breasts: bazookas, boobies, boobs, bosom, breasticles, breasts, cans, cha-chas, coconuts, fun bags, honkers, hooters, jugs, knockers, mammaries, melons, milk monsters, mosquito bites, muchachas, nubs, pillows, puppies, rack, ta-tas, teats, tiddies, tits, titties, the twins

Penis: anaconda, carrot, cobra, cock, dick, ding-a-ling, dingus, dipstick, dong, gun, hog, hot dog, johnson, joystick, knob, manhood, meat rod, member, nob, one eyed monster, organ, pecker, pee-pee, pee-wee, peter, phallus, prick, pud, python, ramrod, rod, rooster, salami, sausage, shaft, shlong, snake, sword, talleywhacker, tool, trouser snake, unit, wand, wang, wee-wee, wick, wiener, willie

Vagina/Vulva: bearded clam, beaver, beef curtains, bits, box, cha cha, clam, clunge, cookie, cranny, cooch, coochie, cooter, cooze, cunny, cunt, fanny (UK), flower, foof, foofoo, fur burger, gash, girly bits, hair pie, hole, honeypot, hoo-ha, hoo-hoo, hot box, hot pocket, kitty, lady garden, love tunnel, meat curtains, meat sleeve, minge, minky, muff, muffin, nunny, peach, pink taco, poon, poontang, puss, pussy, roast beef, slit, snatch, twat, vag, vajayjay,

Pissed: bent out of shape, hot and bothered, hot under the collar, miffed, peeved, ticked, teed, teed off, ticked off, T.O.ed,

Shit/Bullshit: booger, bull puckey, bullsnot, bull twinkies, ca-ca, crap, crapola, crud, crud muffin, defecation, deuce, doodoo, dung, feces, fiddle faddle, fiddlesticks, horse feathers, horse puckey, ish, malarkey, number two, poo, poop, shite, shoot, snot, stool, stuff, toot, turd, waste

Son of a: bacon bit, baptist preacher, biscuit, biscuit eater, bitch, motherless goat, nutcracker, whore

Idiot: artard, blockhead, bonehead, clodpoll, cretin, dillhole, dimwit, dork, dumbass, dumbshit, dummy, dunce, fartknocker, fool, fuckup, idiot, ignoramous, imbecile, jackass, jackwagon, knucklehead, moron, muttonhead, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, pinhead, retard, schmuck, simpleton, tomfool, twit, wingnut

Replies: for crying out loud, for heaven’s sake, for Pete’s sake, for the love of Pete, giss my grits, holy mackerel, holey moley, piss on you, shut the front door, shut your piehole, suck eggs

Misc: good golly, good gracious, good gravy, good grief, goodness gracious, great Caesar’s ghost, great googley moogley, heavens to Betsy, Judas Priest, mother francis, mother of pearl, mylanta, nerts,