Welcome. My real name is Daniel Donche Jr (sometimes I use the pseudonym Janden Hale). One of the hardest questions to answer is, “What do you do?” Since I am a lot of things, it makes the most sense to call myself a creative or an artist. I like to do a lot of dabbling in various artistic modalities, so I will break this up into two parts: what I have done professionally and what I enjoy doing that I haven’t released anything yet. Here goes.

Artistic Releases

I guess the best demonstration of my lack of focus in creative pursuits is to show you what I have put out into the world. Here is a list of some things.


I have written a number of things. Writing is what I first aspired to do.

  • Jester’s Down (teen fiction)
  • Locker 6T3 (sequel to JD)
  • Unleash Your Inner Badass (self-help book, no longer available)
  • The Facility (Everwind Subchapter 1)
  • Legion of Liberty (EW SC 2)
  • Snowleaf (EW SC 3)
  • Paper Walls (visual poetry)
  • numerous short stories and articles for magazines
Visual Art

I’m also font of the visual arts. I typically do most of my art in the form of graphic design, but I have also released an award-winning tarot deck.

  • Proxy Influence (web series, incomplete)
  • Dark Matter (web series, incomplete)
  • Legacy of One (short film, currently in post-production)
  • Uncharted fan film (short film, in production)
  • several skits
  • Total Danarchy web tv show (no longer in production)
  • Total Danarchy podcast (occasional)
  • TSVP (played bass for this band in Seattle)